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3 of my five cats. Koko; Tiberius, Tamo. Tamo is a big scaredy cat; he runs at every sound, so he’s hard to take photos of. Tiberius just slinks around watching you. And then there’s itsy bitsy Koko the mighty hunter.

Dean, can we keep them?

Because this has been done before…

But, look at the lil Sam and Dean cats. Deans my favorite!

So each cat is another character; Charlie is the one on his head, Benny on his shoulders, Sam and Dean in his arms and Bobby at his feet.


When I did all the Supernatural Chibi Charms I forgot Benny! I love Benny how could i forget him?!

I’m asexual and I hate it.

 Asexual pan-romantic if I get specific. I like anyone regardless of gender, I don’t desire sex with them.

I wish that I was a sexual person. I wish I could be that person that found any one sexually attractive, and could sleep with anyone, but I’m not and I feel broken. I feel like there is something wrong with me.

I can’t even bring myself you tell the Girl that I have a crush on that I like her because I know that she wants someone she can have a sexual relationship with.

I hate it so much, I feel so ashamed.

It’s not like my folks care that I’m not heterosexual. It’s not that it’s hard to find experience; it’s just hard to find love.



This was not how he wanted all of it to end (A sad Destiel Fic)

I used the prompt of “A gun is placed to the back of a man’s head and he is instructed to say his last words.

Please forgive the fact that I am a sadist and enjoy killing Characters. The whole mark of Cain thing, I feel like its eating Dean from the inside and turning him in to something darker and darker and maybe even demon like. This prompt let me explore a situation where Dean wouldn’t be able to come back from what the mark did to him.

Major character death, trigger warning. Slight Destiel I think…

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What the hell did I just write? Did I just kill of my favorite Character?, to post this horrible fan fic or to ad it to the pile of stuff no one should ever read. It is actually finished that’s rare…

What I see on my dash


Dean showering.
Dean washing his face.
Dean showering.
Dean showering.
Dean showering.
Dean showering.

Ok I get it. People like to see dean shower.



What does kindness get you? This.



he has no idea


he has no idea